The Exclusive First Photo of Blue Ivy posted by Mike and Tricia got Mike wondering if (1.) people knew their baby was ugly, and (2.) was anyone willing to call in and admit they had or have an ugly baby. It turns out yes, people do, and, yes, they were more than willing to call in and talk about how ugly their baby was!!!  Normally I would have accompanied this post with the really funny conversations we had with some of our 17 listeners, but sadly, the machine that records our show malfunctioned. We can, however, share this nugget Tammy Ireland hit us up on our Facebook page with on how she handles people with an ugly baby:  

"When I see a mom/dad with an ugly baby, I don't actually tell them the baby is ugly, babies look like their parents so I tell them 'oh it's uncanny how much the baby looks like you/or other parent.' Hahaha."

And our conversations reminded Danielle Vasquez of the video "How to react when you see an ugly baby", which can be viewed below for tips you can use the next time you run into that chick you went to high school with, and she's pushing a stroller with her baby Sasquatch in it!

Warning! Video contains language that may be offensive to some.

JUST ASKING: Are you willing to admit you had or have an ugly baby?