CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: As we reported yesterday, CHARLIE SHEEN'S ex - Brooke Mueller - had his twin sons taken by police and returned to her, and got a restraining order against Charlie as well. Today we know what caused the courts and the police to act so swiftly. 

Brooke, it turns out, made some pretty serious allegations against him. For starters, she claims Charlie spit on her feet, punched her in the arm and threatened to stick a penknife in her eye after he found out she was doing drugs on that trip to the Bahamas with her and "the goddesses" last week.

She also alleges Charlie threatened to BEHEAD her after he took the twins from her home and she tried to get them back.

In her court petition ... Brooke states that she believes "[Charlie's] rage is the result of an intense mental issue, rather than simply a reaction to substance abuse." She goes on to say she's very "concerned [Sheen] is currently insane" and fears for herself and "for the children's safety while in his care."

Naturally, Charlie is denying everything said about him in her court papers. "What she's saying is a frigging lie," he tells "People" magazine. "All [she] does is wreak chaos and havoc wherever she goes." By the way, RadarOnline reported that as his kids were being taken away, a furious Sheen told the cops, "My fangs are dripping tiger blood." Loves it!!! I want to learn how to speak Charlie!!!

2.) Meanwhile, all manner of Sheen-related websites are popping up. Like this collection of quotes from his "Today Show" interview presented by baby sloths.

A rash of Sheen-related spoofs have also hit the web with lightning speed. Like this Jimmy Kimmel goof that uses a classic Charlie Brown cartoon, for instance ...

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SHOW US YOUR TWEETS:KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S infamous boyfriend SCOTT DISICK Tweeted his appreciation of the crazy Charlie Sheen is bringing ...

BRITNEY SPEARS COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP: Another celebrity in the midst of a meltdown – if you’re to believe the "National Enquirer", that is – is BRITNEY SPEARS.

The tab claims Brit flew home to Louisiana for a weekend getaway only to find out she’d walked right into a “surprise intervention” set up by her parents, her kid sister, and her boyfriend. They’re said to be concerned she’s drinking again and not taking her medications. And according to a family member source, Brit-Brit did not take it well ...

“Britney went berserk. She was screaming at everyone in sight, accusing them of betraying her. At one point, she picked up a vase and smashed it into a thousand pieces, then slammed a lamp into a window, breaking them both." She calmed down after she realized that her children, who witnessed the meltdown, might tell their dad - your man K-Fed, who has custody.

Britney flew back to L.A. the next morning. The Enquirer claims “she remains furious with her parents and isn't speaking to her sister.”

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VIDEO:  Watch what HEIDI KLUM does when Ross Matthews, the reporter for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, asks her to contribute something for a goody bag for Leno ...

CHRISTINA AGUILERA FINALLY CATCHES A BREAK: Days after being popped for Public Intoxication, CHRISTINA AGUILERA gets a job!!! Christina will join CEE LO GREEN and MAROON 5 singer ADAM LEVINE as a judge/coach on the singing competition show, "The Voice"

(--The difference between this singing competition show and others is that on this show the judges will have their backs turned to the contestants so they'll choose their talent based on their voice ONLY not their appearance.)

The show debuts April 26th. But will Christina be able to hold on that long? Because if you believe the tabloids, she's been slipping into a DOWNWARD SPIRAL. Pretty much every tabloid and gossip site has done a friends have-been-trying-to-get-her-into-rehab story over the last month. Christina, of course, doesn’t think she has a problem.

Meanwhile ..."People" magazine has a "show insider" telling them JESSICA SIMPSON is one of the "front runners" to be a judge on SIMON COWELL'S "X Factor". Supposedly, Jessica is, quote, "keen" on doing it. Which doesn't really mean much, except that this "show insider" is likely stuck in the '50's.

SNAPSHOT:  LADY GAGA arriving at one of Paris' more prestige restaurants last night in a see-through all-in-on body suit ...

QUOTE/UNQUOTE:"She's weird as (eff). Who knows, she might have a snake or a knife in her (lady part) if you try to get some from her." -- SNOOP DOGG on LADY GAGA, in an interview with BlackBook magazine.

But although Snoop might be scared to get all smoove up in 'dat, he still has mad love for her talent ... "I don't judge Lady Gaga. She makes good (crap), not like a lot of other garbage being repeated."

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP:HOLLY MADISON allowed "Life & Style" magazine to publish unretouched, un-Photoshopped pictures of her in a bikini in their latest issue ...

"I'd rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves," she tells the magazine.

BEFORE AND AFTER: JOHNNY DEPP is bare-chinned for the first time in years. Which look do you prefer???