SANDRA BULLOCK IN DENIAL: There have been rumors floating around the 'net and in the tabs that SANDRA BULLOCK and RYAN REYNOLDS have been, how should we say ... "consoling each other." Those rumors were finally denied by Sandra herself at Sunday's Golden Globes.

"[Ryan Reynolds]," she declared, "is not my lover." He's just, quote, "an amazing friend...but I don't get his loving after dark." And who, you may ask, was the one journalist brave enough to ask her flat-out? That man is ... wait for it ... AL ROKER!!!

Really. Take a listen ...

By the way ... what did you think of the blunt bangs Sandy was rockin' at the Golden Globes Sunday night? Love it or Hate it?

DON'T AKS, DON'T TELL: NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN have been keeping a big secret -- the couple announced yesterday they had a baby girl on December 28th!!! Now, you may be saying, "Hold up a second there, I saw her at the Golden Globes Sunday night and she was looking thin like always."

There's a reason for that: Nicole and Keith used a "gestational carrier", aka, surrogate. The end result was biological daughter Faith Margaret Kidman Urban.

IT'S ON!!! CHRISTINA AGUILERA vs JULIANNE HOUGH!!! OR IS IT???: CHRISTINA AGUILERA and "Dancing With the Stars" pro dancer/country songstress JULIANNE HOUGH were in the movie "Burlesque" and there were reports they became pretty good friends. So why Christina got into with Julianne Friday night at a party in West Hollywood is a mystery.

According to E! Online, Christina was not happy to see Julianne there. She supposedly ran over and got in her face, and even grabbed Julianne!!! She also allegedly threatened to destroy Julianne's country music singing career.

There's no word on why Christina would have such deep, burning anger towards Julianne. None of her peeps have commented on the matter. Aguilera’s spokesperson called the reports "nonsense."

K-FED AIN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO'S WELL FED: It’s starting to look more and more like BRITNEY SPEARS won’t be  performing her new song “Hold It Against Me” at the Grammys after all. Even though her people have denied the reports from the beginning, many on the World Wide Web of Judging Celebrities have been saying that the best way to tell is to keep an eye on the paparazzi photos taken of her and see if she whips herself into shape.

Well, if the pic we posted yesterday of Brit-Brit taking an impromptu bathroom break at a Mickey D’s over the weekend is any indication then for sure it ain’t happening ...

 There’s no way she can slim down enough in three weeks when the Grammys are held is there???

SNAPSHOT: PINK and hubby CAREY HART on their way to grab some lunch in L.A. yesterday ...

Boy, she sure has let herself go, no?

 WTW???!!!: MILA KUNIS might have looked like a million bucks at Sunday's Golden Globes, but her beauty treatment actually cost her seven-grand.

Mila, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, reportedly got a facial that contained rubies and diamonds. The gems allegedly provide antioxidants and a lustrous sheen.

SNOOKIE IN DENIAL:Don't send the "Jersey Shore" cast your condolences yet. Reports of SNOOKIE'S death, we've learned, have been greatly exaggerated. Fans hit up her Facebook page yesterday in droves after it was rumored she'd died of a drug overdose. That led Snooks to deny the rumoured reports as only Snookie could ...