CHRIS BROWN HAS HISSY FIT;TRASHES GMA DRESSING ROOM: CHRIS BROWN had another violent outburst yesterday after interviewer ROBIN ROBERTS kept asking him about his assault of RIHANNA back in February of 2009.

After the interview, Brown performed one of two songs he was scheduled to do, then stormed back to his dressing room, grabbed a chair and smashed a window with it.

Sources say Chris went pretty ballistic . . . to the point where his yelling and screaming even frightened some staffers, who called security. He also got in a producer's face, but other people stepped in and kept them from throwing down. By the time security arrived, Brown had already stormed out of the building. Shirtless.

2.)THE INTERVIEW: Brown went on "GMA" to talk about his new album, "F.A.M.E.", but Roberts kept trying to steer the conversation toward Rihanna. Chris told her, quote, "It's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. Today's the album day, so that's what I'm focused on."

When she pushed him further, he said, quote, "Definitely this album is what I want to talk about and not what happened two years ago." An ABC source claims that before the interview, Chris gave Roberts the green light to ask him about Rihanna. But another source says he expected to be asked ONE QUESTION about the incident, and not be pressed the way he was.

LINK: The InterviewYou can tell he gets a little annoyed, but he doesn't seem annoyed enough to go all Hulk on the dressing room.

3.) CHRIS SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: After the whole thing went down, Chris hit up Twitter and said, quote, "I'm so over people bringing up the past s*%# up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for their bulls*%#."

He later deleted that post, and added "Thank you to everyone who supports my music!!! Key Word (music)!!! Love y'all." ... then, "All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I'm so tired of everyone else!! I love team breezy!!"

4.) ABC RELEASES STATEMENT: Despite some criticism, GMA is standing by Robin and the interview she conducted ... "As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that's what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown."

5.) IS BROWN IN ANY LEGAL TROUBLE NOW???: Brown still has more than three years on probabation to go for his assault of Rihanna, which means if he gets into any legal trouble they could haul him in on a probation violation. But it doesn't look like that'll happen.

The official line from the NYPD is that they weren't called, so they're not getting involved in Chris's "Good Morning America" window-breaking outburst. And if they don't get involved, it's not likely court officials in California will do anything about it, either.

6.) WILL HE STILL PERFORM ON 'DANCING'???: Chris is scheduled to perform on "Dancing With the Stars" next Tuesday night, but people are lighting up the message boards at, asking them to cancel his appearance.

No word yet from ABC on his status.

7.) CHRIS' MTV DISS: After the GMA chaos, Chris pulled a no-show on MTV where he was scheduled to debut his new video, "Beautiful People" ...

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