LOHAN LUNACY: LINDSAY LOHAN may have caught a big break in her felony grand theft case. The jewelry store that made the allegations has sold the surveillance video which allegedly shows Linds making off with the $2,500 necklace. TMZ says this could cause prosecutors big problems and sink the store's credibility because her attorneys can now claim they trumped this whole thing up for money and publicity.

A rep for the jewelry store, Kamofie & Company, says they sold it for 35 G's because the case has DAMAGED their business so they sold the video to BREAK EVEN. And he claims the 35-grand won't even cover the store's loss. The website NecklaceVideo plans to stream the video, and Entertainment Tonight - which has already started posting stills - will broadcast some of the footage tonight.

Meanwhile ... Lindsay is due back in court on Thursday, and this hearing should be interesting because this is where Lindsay decides whether she fights this thing in court, or if she takes a deal. And remember, the judge already told her that if she takes a deal, she WILL do time. Lindsay's attorneys plan to talk to the judge this week to get an idea of just how long Lindsay's sentence will be.

Most "sources" are in agreement that he'll want a minimum of three months, which would probably mean her doing about 20% of her sentence due to prison overcrowding. That would end up turning the three months into 18 days.

CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: After all the radio and TV interviews and tweets, Charlie Sheen added a webcast to his never-ending media blitz over the weekend. Saturday, he launched "Sheen's Korner" - a 50-minute "madcap experiment" that should've been called "An Incredible Waste of Time" instead.

It was basically just Charlie in his house, babbling away while several of his parasites - er, friends -  cheered him on. And it was BAD. Truly.

In one segment, Charlie did news stories about WINNERS, like one about an eagle that had crashed into a windshield, but recovered.  In another, Charlie revealed a new tattoo on his left wrist with his catchphrase "winning." He also sent a shout-out to his kids, telling them: "Daddy loves you." Then he gave the exes a warning. "If you're watching, tell mom to leave the room. It's on."


Sheen Korner's "Best 15 Minutes"

"Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring MILEY CYRUS playing LINDSAY LOHAN.

ROMANCE REPORT: By all indications, and by that we mean this picture from the “People” website, RYAN REYNOLDS and a German model named Agnes Fischer are getting all smoove up in each other!!!

Word is Agnes has been spending lots of time with Reynolds both on and off the South African set of his new movie, in which she has a small part in.

Meanwhile … SCARLETT JOHANSSON’S relationship with SEAN PENN appears to be heating up, despite their reps denials. The pair recently took off on a private jet for a day trip to Cabo San Lucas. Paparazzi spotted them dining on lobster and margaritas before returning to Los Angeles where Johansson is working on a movie.

The day before the twosome were filmed having lunch at a popular L. A. restaurant, and had tongues wagging when Scarlett was seen draping her leg over Sean.