CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: CHARLIE SHEEN ended the week the way he started ... calling nationally syndicated radio shows and putting on blast "Two and a Half Men" creator CHUCK LORRE, CBS and whoever else he feels is out to get him.

Friday, Sheen phoned in to the Fox Sports Radio show "Loose Cannons", hosted by PAT O'BRIEN - whom you may recall had his own dealings with COCAINE AND HOOKERS a few years back. In this interview, Charlie called "Two and a Half Men"  "drivel" and a "pukefest that everyone worships."

He also had a message to his fans..."Find the most comfortable chair in their frickin' house, open a beer and watch the show because it's about to get gnarly."

2.) In addition to the radio show he called in to, Charlie also did an interview with ABC News. Some of it airs TODAY on "Good Morning America", which will dovetail into a full-on "20/20" special tomorrow night. Sheen has an interview lined up with NBC's "Today" show this morning as well.

3.) How determined is Charlie to prove he's clean??? Enough to let RadarOnline test both his urine and blood for drugs. 

The gossip site says he PASSED the preliminary urine test, which he took Friday night after returning from the Bahamas. The results of the blood test should be in today.

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SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: "Contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and Half Men. however ...

... Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son." -- JOHN STAMOS responding to a rumor he was going to replace Charlie on "Two and a Half Men".

ROMANCE REPORT: TAYLOR SWIFT may or may not be hooking up with CHORD OVERSTREET from "Glee". What we know for sure is the two were seen seating together at an L.A. Kings hockey game last Thursday night ...

That's good enough for me!!! They are soooo doing it!!!

TWIT PIC: CHRIS BROWN Tweeted this pic of himself over the weekend rockin' the Goldie locks ...

Remind you of anyone???  "Thong Song" guy Sisqo, anyone???

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