COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: 1.)Word on the blogosphere last week was that RYAN REYNOLDS had taken up with "America's Sweetheart", SANDRA BULLOCK, after splitting with SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

Now 'The National Enquirer' is reporting Scarlett has rebounded herself ... with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! The two were "hot and heavy" before Scarlett fell in love with Ryan, and now that they're divorcing, Scarlett is said to be, quote,“crying on his shoulder.” Justin's reps have denied the story to 'People' magazine.

2.)Perhaps you've seen the story in the check out line that SANDRA BULLOCK and RYAN REYNOLDS have been making secret trips to Sandra's vacation home in Wyoming? Well now the PopEater website ups the ante with claims that Ryan's become a fixture at her house in Austin.

Their insider says “Sandra invited Ryan to stay in Austin with her for as long as he likes." Besides playing with her 1-year-old son, Sandra and Ryan “make meals and just hang out.

BABY NEWS: SELMA BLAIR is the latest celeb to join the Hollywood baby boom.

Blair has confirmed she's expecting her first child with her fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick.

WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK:MARTHA STEWART got a nasty cut on her upper lip earlier this week, after her French bulldog, Franchesca, headbutted her.

Martha says she startled the dog when she leaned over to whisper goodbye to her while she was sleeping. The dog woke abruptly and shot upwards, hitting her in the face.

Martha needed NINE STITCHES to close the wound.

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE:Now that the video for the new TAYLOR SWIFT song "Back to December" is out, inquiring minds want to know if it's about her breakup with "Twighlight" star TAYLOR LAUTNER ...

Though we might never know, the gossip site PopEater thinks so, and offers these observations as proof:

--Swift's love interest makes the best of the cold weather in a leather jacket similar to the one Lautner is often caught out and about in.

--A jilted video boyfriend spends a good amount of his thinking time in the bleachers of a school stadium. Lautner's character in Valentine's Day spends most of his time in a similar setting.

--The camera focuses on a small dog statue inside Swift's room. Lautner, an animal lover, has a Maltese named Roxy.

--Swift's room in the video is littered with elephant memorabilia. One of the couple's go-to date spots was Valencia, California's Elephant Bar.

CELEBRITY TROUT POUT:LINDSAY LOHAN was on her way to a West Hollywood gym yesterday sportin' noticeably plumper lips. Either that or she caught the same flu strain responsible for KIM KARDASHIAN's trout pout ...