First, a big Mike and Tricia Mornings thank you to everyone who helped Mike out with his poll. 

Mike is the least political person you or I know, but he decided to put up his pole on Reyes vs. O'Rourke to see if our listeners would be in sync with the results of yesterday's election. 

Turns out, our listeners cannot tell the future!  The results of the poll did not mirror the eventual outcome of yesterday's voting.  Beto O'Rourke won the election by a hair with 50.47% of the vote to Reyes' 44.35%.  In order to win, a candidate has to have 50% of the vote plus one vote to avoid a runoff.

O'Rourke now faces Republican Barbara Carrasco in November's general election for the 16th congressional district seat.

Mike also said that he would reveal who I voted for, but since I'm writing this blog post, I'll do the big ta-da! 

I voted for Beto!   Onward to November!