TODAY IN CELEBRITY HAIR - DID KATY PERRY GET A BOB?: OH. MY. GAWD. Guys, don't freak when you read this, but KATY PERRY may have chopped off her hair!!! I didn't really notice it in the photo that made the rounds yesterday of her and JOHN MAYER out on Valentine's Day because I was concentrating on the alleged engagement ring, but this time I wasn't as distracted by the adorable dog in the Instagram photo she posted ... for too long, anyway ... before noticing her shorter hair.

It could very well be a wig. Katy loves her the wigs. We're going to have to wait to see for sure, but I'm thinking it's legit and Katy did go with bangs and a bob for real.

Speaking of the alleged engagement ... Us Weekly is reporting that a so-called insider says John did not pop the question. “It’s not true. They are not engaged.” Arg! Wife her already!

ROMANCE REPORT - IS SELENA GOMEZ DATING A ONE DIRECTIONER?: Does SELENA GOMEZ have a new love interest? Don't look at me, I don't know -- but one gossip site reports she's at the very least expanding her horizons. Hollywood Life says Gomez flew to London over the weekend to go out with One Direction’s NIALL HORANN. Word is they ended up making out, and might go out again. Says the site's source, “The last thing she needs is anything serious [right now], but he’s cute and he likes her.”

Meanwhile ... Gomez is coming under fire by a few gossip sites over a photo she posted online of herself sipping on what looks like a cocktail. Not because she’s not old enough to drink – she is – but because of her recent rehab stint. Despite her team insisting Selena checked into the facility because she was burnt out and exhausted and did not seek treatment for alcohol or drug use, rumors persist she was “partying very hard" and experimenting with alcohol and prescription drugs.

SIMON COWELL SHOWS US HIS PICS: SIMON COWELL tweeted out another super-cute picture of baby Eric ...


COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - MILEY CYRUS PLANNING A WEDDING: MILEY CYRUS has reportedly hired a dog wedding planner to arrange nuptials for two of her doggies.

A British tab claims Cyrus is convinced that Floyd, and Mary Jane are in love and wants to celebrate their union properly. Miley has supposedly hired a dog wedding planner (they have those?!) to plan the big day, which will include Floyd being dressed in a tuxedo, and a party for a group of dog pals and their pups. Ready for the bonus round? The dogs WILL HAVE STYLISTS!!!

WATCH - EVOLUTION OF HIP HOP DANCING: JIMMY FALLON And WILL SMITH cranked through the history of hip-hop dances on Fallon's Tonight Show debut ...