Is this video of a shadow evidence of a ghostly figure? Just what did the Research in Paranormal Science El Paso cameras capture while investigating the Double Eagle restaurant in Old Mesilla? While he wouldn't call it a "ghost", Director/Investigator Allan Martinez believes the dark shadow that moves across the room is paranormal in nature. When asked if the shadow could've been cast by someone in the group, team member Danny Fogle, seen in the video sitting down in front of the computer, said he didn’t think so for two reasons: it was being filmed with night vision so there wasn’t a light set up or turned on behind the photographer, and two, the shadow clearly darts through between the camera and them.

The Double Eagle is said to be home to not one, but two ghosts! Legend has it that a couple of young lovers -- he an aristocrat, she a lowly servant -- were killed by his disapproving mother in the early 1850′s and ever since then they have inhabited the building that is now the Double Eagle restaurant. Reports of full bodied apparitions, furniture moving, and other-worldly whispering have circulated for many, many years. It is these tales that inspired the paranormal investigation of the restaurant by the experienced team from Research in Paranormal Science El Paso.

What do you think, did Rips EP catch a shadow ghost on camera?