Now that the holidays are coming to a close, it's time to relax! Distress from the stress we now know as family time. Here are some guaranteed ways to relax and at virtually no cost with items found right in your home. 

How about a nice milk and honey bath?
Milk is a natural skin softener because of the lactic acid and honey is a natural antibacterial cleanser. Not to mention the wonderful smell the combination omits as a plus! If filling up the whole tub seems like too much just fill up a basin for a nice foot bath. This will guaranteed make you feel stress free.
How about a celery seed cleanser?
Eat too much over the holiday? Celery see is a natural de-bloating agent. Start digging through the spice rack! A simple tea recipe will work wonders. Pour one cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of crushed seeds and allow to steep for 10-20 minutes and sip! You'll be feeling back to normal in no time!
Try these and feel stress free!