Being a military spouse is incredibly stressful. Dealing with sick kids by yourself, finding new work every few years, never knowing your spouse’s schedule, constantly moving, and dealing with deployments are only a few of the stressors that normal civilians never have to deal with. How military spouses deal with these stressors differs.

New spouses sending their soldiers off to war always have it the hardest. The seasoned wives, who have sent their men off to war more than two times have got the stoic disposition down to a science, but the new wives don’t yet know if their men will be safe, or what to do if they aren’t. Even spouses that have been with the soldier for awhile have a hard time with first deployments.

There is no comfort for soldiers or spouses the day of deployment though. Emotions run high, with many wives crying as they say goodbye. Anything that could make a person cry on a normal day is avoided for weeks.Some of the spouses who have sent soldiers off to war many times breathe a sigh of relief when they board the plane as they hope to regain some sort of normalcy as they prepare to cope without their loved one.

The life of a military spouse is never easy, but deployments are the hardest. Feel free to take that military spouse out to coffee, so they can vent. Do your best to make sure they know that they are respected for their sacrifice. Supporting military families is supporting your country.

As told by military wife, Rebecca Perez, El Paso.