IT'S GETTING DARKER EARLIER - IS DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME OVER YET?: There's been a lot of confusion floating around about Daylight Saving Time -- and yes, it's "Saving" and not "Savings". Despite what you may have heard from your ill-informed cubicle buddy, Daylight Saving Time does not end this weekend. 

The actual end date is a week from Sunday, November 6. Congress changed it from the last Sunday in October to the first Sunday in November in 2005, and the last time I checked, Oct. 30 is not in November. Please make a note of it somewhere prominent, like that fancy phone of yours that you use to do everything but actually talk to people with, so you don't "fall back" an hour this weekend and become the laughing stock of your social circle.

Unless you really want to mess with one of your friends or family members. In which case go ahead and convince them DST is this Sunday. Then make fun of them on Facebook!