Being a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, probably one of the most educated girls on the subject besides Dana Jones (Jerry Jones daughter), I thought if you're a fan or you love to hate them you'd like to know some fun facts for your next football get together...

Who dubbed them "America's Team"?

-Tex Schramm...the original president and general manager of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Who held the total record for total TD's in a career at the start of the 2001 season?

-Emmitt Smith #22

In what year did Harvey Martin record 23 sacks?


Tony Dorsett ran a touchdown for 99 yards in what year?


Whose 2 interceptions played a major role in the Dallas Cowboys beating Pittsburg in Superbowl XXX?

-Larry Brown

Who beat the NY Giants in the 2012 NFL season opener?


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