The team you love -- or love to hate is the King of All Sports.

Forbes released its annual valuation of NFL teams and the Dallas Cowboys are #1 at a worth of $4 billion, making them the most valuable franchise in the league for the ninth consecutive year.

Not only are the 'Boys top dog in the NFL, but that estimated value surpasses Real Madrid's worth, which makes Dallas the most valuable franchise in the world.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys!

The other teams ranked in the NFL top five are the New England Patriots at $3.2 billion, the Washington Redskins at $2.85 billion, the New York Giants at $2.8 billion and the San Francisco 49ers at $2.7 billion. Worldwide, Real Madrid at $3.26 billion, the Patriots and New York Yankees at $3.2 billion, and FC Barcelona at $3.16 billion round out the top five.