A new CVS Pharmacy will be popping up soon on the Westside of town, on Mesa Street near UTEP.

The old Mesa Street Grill which was located at 2525 N. Mesa Street and the building right next to it, which was a bank at one point, are in the process of being demolished and making room for a new CVS Pharmacy.

Currently there are 3 CVS stores in El Paso, the first built in Downtown El Paso, followed by another on Zaragoza and the other on McRae Boulevard and Wedgewood Drive.

The fourth store will be located on the corner of Mesa Street and Boston Avenue right across the street from a McDonald's.

There is no word on when the project will be completed but hopefully the new CVS will be up and running by fall.

CVS Pharmacy opened their first store back in 1963 in Lowell, MA under the name Consumer Value Store, the name CVS now unofficially stands for ‘convenience, value and service’.

Welcome to the neighborhood CVS!