Residents in Northwest Albuquerque are living in fear of packs of wild coyotes reeking havoc in their neighborhood.

People living in this area have witnessed the coyotes attacking pets and they fear their children will be next. The pack of coyotes are roaming the areas near San Isidro st in Northwest Albuquerque just east of schools including a high school and an elementary school.

Some eyewitnesses have seen coyotes carrying away small pets including a cat and a small dog. The residents believe that the coyotes are roaming in packs and coming down from the Bosque WIldlife refuge to drink water from the running ditches and in search of food. The residents have called animal control but no one has come out and responded to their calls.

The city believes in protecting wildlife and will not remove the coyotes until they are a threat to people. They do advise that pets be kept inside and trashcans be closed up as precautions of them coming close to homes.