"What's a bun doing in the oven?"

Pregnancy announcements are always a time of excitement for couples and their families. This is when you get to share the fact that you are bringing another tiny life into the world. For this couple, they decided they wanted to tell their parents by getting a cake with a slot machine on it. Within the slot machine picture, there was three tiny ultrasound photos for the jackpot. The mothers then began guessing as to what the picture were. Cats, oranges, snakes and bird were all guessed but none were correct.

The couple already knew that their parents were going to have trouble figuring out the cake, so they had a back-up plan already ready to go. They took one of the rolls from dinner and put it in the oven. They then asked their moms to look in the oven so they could see the bun and out two and two together. The mothers still didn't get it! Check out the video and see how long it takes their parents to finally figure out the awesome news!