UPDATE 3 p.m. 6/16/15: El Paso City Council approved spending the additional money to move some of the newly-installed electrical equipment below ground.

Is another change order in San Jacinto Plaza's near future? According to published reports, City Council will discuss spending an additional $110,000 on the Downtown project at today's regular meeting.

Specifically, they want to examine relocating some of the recently-installed electrical equipment below ground in order to make the plaza more aesthetically pleasing.

Approval would not only add to the total cost of the renovation, it would also extend the project's contract with the contractor, Basic IDIQ, by at least another 17 days. Completion of the restoration has already been delayed so many times, the city has stopped speculating on when it will be finished, saying instead it'll be ready when it's ready.

The city attorney announced on May 19 it would begin holding Basic IDIQ to its contract agreement and has been charging them $1,000 every day the project remains unfinished. And by the looks of it, it appears little has been done in the last month:

Screen Shot from May 19, 2015
Screen Shot from May 25, 2015
Screen Shot from June 1, 2015
Screen Shot from June 8, 2015
Screen Shot from June 15, 2015