This Father's Day - why not surprise dad with a cool gift this year!

No more ties, or colognes for Dad...let's get Dad something he's really gonna love!

Is your Dad a music aficionado? Get him an iTunes gift card.

If Dad is a golfer then, get him a gift certificate to his favorite golf course or if he's been wanting to learn how to golf, get him golfing lessons.

Is your dad a movie buff ? Well then enough said - get him his favorite movies in a box set - upgrade his VHS tapes to DVD's or Blu-Ray!

If Pops is all about his lager - then get him a great brewing kit!

Or how about a iPad case and keyboard or check about a bulletproof 8GB USB Flashdrive - he'll feel very James Bond with one of those bad boys!

You can find great Un-common gift ideas for Dad HERE!

Happy Fathers Day! ;-)