If Montana is part of your commute, you need to listen up.  There is going to be construction on an eastside stretch of Montana that will affect you until the end of the year.

courtesy: ron chapple studios

Starting today, and going through December, Montana will be down to two lanes in each direction between Limerick and Wedgewood as part of an intersection construction project.

A new Sun Metro transit operations facility is being built near the intersection of Montana and Lorne, so construction crews will are going to replace the asphalt intersection of Montana and Lorne with concrete to deal with the increased traffic and Sun Metro buses in that area.

Traffic will be down to two-lanes in the Montana/Lorne area for through December.

Sun Metro has also temporarily deactivated the bus stop at Montana and Lorne, so if you use Route 58, you might not be able to get picked up or drop off there, however, Sun Metro drivers will make courtesy stops as needed.