The City of El Paso's Capital Improvement Department has scheduled a community meeting tonight, Monday, April 11th to present the final design plans for the Resler Buffered Bike Lane project.

This $325,800 project is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance El Paso’s comprehensive regional transportation system and consists of the development of a buffered bike lane along Resler Drive from Helen of Troy Drive to Belvidere Street in both directions of travel. The following bicycle facilities are included as part of the project:

  • A 6-foot or greater bike lane with a 3-foot buffer
  • Restriping existing travel lanes to accommodate a safe bicycle lane
  • Intersection striping
  • Bike boxes and green paint for conflict areas

As part of the project, new "Bike Boxes" will be implemented at the intersection of Resler Drive and Redd Road. A bike box is a designated area at the head of a traffic lane at a signalized intersection that provides bicyclists with a safe and visible way to get ahead of queuing traffic during the red signal phase.

  • Resler Buffered Bike Lane Project Community Meeting
  • Kohlberg Elementary School, 1445 Nardo Goodman
  • Monday, April 11th at 6 p.m.