Mother, daughter bonding? Want to head to college, girls? Get some quality time and fun with your mom or daughter in your weekend schedule! It'll do your family some good...

Never have a reason to hang out with your daughter? Make one! Tomorrow!

11:30 am all Mother Daughter pairs are encouraged to come out! It's all taking place at the Latinitas El Paso Headquarters at 10935 Ben Crenshaw #207! Girls 10-17 and their moms are invited to discover the importance of college and get an insider’s view of college life College can be a hard and scary place, especially for young girls not knowing what to expect. This workshop can ease some of those nerves and get girls ready for college life and all the glories it comes with. And moms, it gives a great reason to hang with your daughter and maybe spend the day together looking ahead into the future!

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Hopefully this will get your daughter excited about furthering her education and when she is ready enroll her in the UTEP Orientation!