In an act of supreme cowardice, Ariel Castro, the monster who kidnapped, imprisoned, raped, and tortured three women over the course of ten years in his house of horrors in Cleveland, committed suicide last night.  So what happens to his victim's now?

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Castro had been sentenced to serve over one thousand years in prison for his heinous acts, but now that he snuffed himself, the spotlight turns once again on his 4 victims, including the child he fathered with one of the women he brutalized.  The women are said to have "mixed feelings" about Castro's suicide, but here's what I hope for them.

I hope they continue to live their lives as they wish, whether it's in the spotlight occasionally, or completely out of the public eye.

I hope they can breathe easier that this monster will never be able to do interviews with stupid reporters a la Charles Manson, and get ratings for his thoughts on his crimes.

I hope the daughter who was born in that hell house has nothing but unicorns and rainbows in her life, and that people don't point and whisper every time she walks in the room, "That's Ariel Castro's daughter - the guy who held those women in his house for 10 years".  I hope if they do, she tells them to f*%k off.

I hope that all four women find the strength throughout their lives to not give that filthy excuse of a human being one more minute of their lives.  He took 10, now he's gone.  I hope they breathe easier and easier every day knowing that karma, or the universe, or God, or the Devil will hand him his eternal sentence.

Most of all, I hope the family of Castro doesn't drag this out and say someone offed him.  He was a disgusting piece of garbage.  There is no way to spin who or what he was.  I don't care that he was once a child or that they loved him.  He was the face of evil for those 4 women, and he's gone.  Let his memory and his deeds fade from the public consciousness so they can have some peace.