If friends or family are planning to come to town to see Pope Francis in Juarez and are looking for a place to stay, let them know they don't have to settle for an impersonal hotel room when they can crash at El Paso City Rep Claudia Ordaz’s pad instead.


The City Representative for District 6 is hoping to cash in on the pope frenzy by renting out her Lower Valley home through Airbnb.

According to the listing, the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom “family sized home near Pope's visit” boasts a "spacious kitchen," and a living room with "comfortable couches, a fireplace, big screen TV, Apple TV, & easy access to wi-fi." All that lux plus a microwave and coffee maker for a mere $400 a night. Sign us up!

Use of her humble abode does come with a few rules, though. Ms. Ordaz frowns on "dangerous or illegal activities," "unattended or unsupervised minors," and smoking indoors. Dang. So much for the all-ages Pope-a-palooza after-party.