Do you remember being a kid and playing outside...all day!

Well with the advent of technology and all it’s cool gadgets our kids and the generations of kids growing up in the future are basically entering the world with a cell phone in one hand and an iPad in the other!

Every year there’s a list that is compiled by these two guys – (One a director of Public Affairs the other a Professor of Humanities). They originally created these lists every year so that their lectures and works where not out of date.

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Does the list make you feel old? And what are some of the things that you did as  a kid that children just don’t do anymore?

Youth is wasted on the young. - George Bernard Shaw

Check out the list below:

The Top 20

1. There has always been an Internet ramp onto the information highway.
2. Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson could be their parents.
3. States and Velcro parents have always been requiring that they wear their bike helmets.
4. The only significant labor disputes in their lifetimes have been in major league sports.
5. There have always been at least two women on the Supreme Court, and women have always commanded U.S. Navy ships.
6. They “swipe” cards, not merchandise.
7. As they’ve grown up on websites and cell phones, adult experts have constantly fretted about their alleged deficits of empathy and concentration.
8. Their school’s “blackboards” have always been getting smarter.
9. “Don’t touch that dial!”….what dial?
10. American tax forms have always been available in Spanish.
11. More Americans have always traveled to Latin America than to Europe.
12. Amazon has never been just a river in South America.
13. Refer to LBJ, and they might assume you're talking about LeBron James.
14. All their lives, Whitney Houston has always been declaring “I Will Always Love You.”
15. O.J. Simpson has always been looking for the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
16. Women have never been too old to have children.
17. Japan has always been importing rice.
18. Jim Carrey has always been bigger than a pet detective.
19. We have never asked, and they have never had to tell.
20. Life has always been like a box of chocolates.