Stephanie Townsend Allala was on with me this morning, and later in the morning, City Rep. Steve Ortega stopped by.  Three different bonds, two different takes....

Unless you just got to town, and even if you did, I'm sure you know that Rep. Ortega is for all three Propositions that will be voted on tomorrow.  I've written a zillion blogs about the issue, like this one waaaay back in June announcing the arrival of baseball in El Paso, and this one where we find out that the opposition thinks City Manager Joyce Wilson hates Mexican Americans, and even this one talking about the consequences of voting no on Prop. 3.

So, today, the day before Election Day, we got the chance to talk to Stephanie Townsend Allala, and Steve Ortega.  This is the link to the Steve Ortega interview.   I want to thank Rep. Ortega for taking the time to come in and talk with our listeners about the bond election.

Take a listen to both interviews.  You'll get a complete view of both sides of the issue before you head out to vote.  I don't think it comes as any surprise to our listeners that I am in favor of all three Props.  Whatever your feelings about them, however, please go out and vote!