We all know there is a ton of traffic on the roads, and one of the busiest intersections in town is the Lee Trevino/Vista Del Sol intersection in east El Paso. It seems to take more and more traffic light cycles to get through there, and a lot of people wonder why the heck the City hasn't figured out how to synchronize the lights so that traffic could move through there more easily.

Signals are supposed to allow you to hit a green light at one intersection and allow you to continue to hit green lights, provided you drive the speed limit, on subsequent traffic lights. The problem is, on most El Paso streets, the light cycles just can't keep up with the amount of traffic that now travels on our city streets.

The City re-times lights every three to five years, but because of the growth of certain parts of town, there is just no way to prevent massive waits at traffic lights. The City knows there is a problem, but it looks like it won't be one that will has a quick fix, so just be patient and get used to waiting a couple light cycles at intersections.