If you’re a smoker, listen up – this week marks the last time you will be able to smoke on city property.

courtesy: henrischmidt

On January 1, that’s this Thursday, the City of El Paso will put the second phase of the clean air ordinance into place. That means you will not be able to smoke at any city-owned facility including parks, playgrounds and bus stops.

Back in 2001, El Paso was one of the first cities in the country to ban indoor smoking at stores and restaurants. City officials say by continuing the smoking ban at city-owned properties, they are making the air we breathe safer for everyone.

E-cigs and vapor pens were banned in September of 2014, as was smoking within 20 feet of entrances to enclosed public places.

Under phase three of the ordinance, tobacco stores be have to be isolated or contained physical facilities, or have their own isolated venting and air controls.