Tomorrow's winds are supposed to reach 60mph, and that means a lot of stuff blowing in the wind, but the City of El Paso wants to make sure it's not YOUR stuff!

The City is taking Dopplar Dave seriously when he says along with the forecasted 79 degree high temperature, the winds will kick up to 60 mph and will bring with them blowing dust and sand.  If your trash and recyclables are scheduled for pickup tomorrow (Wednesday), put your trash out, but not your recyclables!  The City won't pick them up if the winds exceed 40mph.

Here is the text of the City's press release:

The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department is reminding residents not to place their
blue bins out for collection if wind gusts reach or exceed 40 mph.

The department recommends that residents wait until their next regularly scheduled pick-up day to place their blue recycling bins out for collection. The action is necessary to help reduce wind-blown debris
on severe weather days.
Materials placed inside the blue recycling bins should not be bagged, which makes it easy for them scatter all over the street if recycling bins are tipped over by strong winds.
Household garbage should always be taken to the curb on their collection day. Trash placed in the gray bins is not as likely to blow away on windy days if knocked out of the container because the GARBAGE SHOULD ALWAYS BE BAGGED.