Beginning next week on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015, motorists will be able to use a pay-by-cell app to feed parking meters and avoid citations.

As we make strides to enhance our everyday lives through technology, the City of El Paso International Bridges Department, which oversees the city’s parking meter division, has teamed up with Park X to provide motorists with the added convenience of being able to pay for parking at a meter and will also notify users of their parking session expiring, allowing the user to remotely add time using a smart phone app. The new convenient service will be available for use on all of the city’s approximately 2,000 meters.

Park El Paso, the pay-by-cell application will be free to everyone and will be available for download on Android and Apple devices through the Apple App and the Google Play stores.  Park El Paso will allow users to pay for parking with a credit or debit card.

To increase public awareness about this new service, parking meters will be marked with a Park El Paso label containing information on how to get and use the pay-by-cell app.