There is nothing like the smell and look of a real Christmas tree.  You just can't help but feel Christmas-y when you're hanging your favorite decorations on a tree that could have come straight from the North Pole!  But where do you find a real, live Christmas tree in El Paso?  We've got the handle on some of the best places to grab your beautiful tree for this Christmas, and even one tree you can make yourself!

Ahhh...I can smell the fresh tree smell already!

  • Eastside Discount Nursery

    If you want to go green this year, literally, check out one of the best nurseries in the city. Eastside Nursery doesn't sell cut Christmas trees - they sell Christmas trees that you can plant! The best thing about a potted Christmas tree is that after the season, you can plant it and have a living reminder of your holiday year 'round! If you need more details, call them at 591-3333.

    courtesy: Evan Sharboneau
  • Archer Farms

    Phil Archer has a forest of Christmas trees that you can either take home in a pot, or cut yourself. His farm is in La Mesa, about 11 miles south of Las Cruces. The address is 1520 Archer Farms Road, and if you go there, you can pick out a variety of live Christmas trees in a variety of different heights and prices. Call Phil Archer at (575) 644-6898 for more information.

    courtesy: Eyecandy Images
  • Phonebook Christmas Tree

    Ok, so this isn't technically a tree, but it's a pretty cool option!  If you have an old phonebook -- Google it kids! -- then use these easily followed directions and make your own Christmas tree with your kids, or just to sit on your desk at home! The best thing about phonebook trees is they won't end up in the landfill, and they're allergy-free!

  • Home Depot

    If you're heading to Home Depot to do a little home improvement shopping, you can pick up your tree there as well! Prices and sizes will vary, as will the selection. While you're there, pick up a tree stand, tree preservative to put in the water, and even a shovel to plant your potted tree after Santa has done his thing!

    courtesy: Jozsef Szasz-Fabian
  • Store and Mall Parking Lots

    Another great place you can get your tree is in the parking lots of some El Paso area stores! The tent frames are already going up to shelter the trees they'll bring in so you can have a beautiful fresh tree in your house this year. The one I like to hit every year is at McRae and I-10 in the Kmart parking lot. Great selection, easy on and off the freeway, and you can pop into Kmart for any last minute tinsel needs!

    courtesy: Nikodash