Little kids are the toughest critics. Crest toothpaste decided to bring in some kids excited about taste testing new Halloween candy and recorded some of the best reactions!

This was a genius idea to sell toothpaste. Halloween is all about candy for kids and that usually means cavities will be appearing next month. We know there is no way we will change our candy eating habits during Halloween, so make sure to stock up on dental hygiene products.

If we lived in a cruel world where all we were able to get for Halloween were healthy vegetable flavored snacks, everyone would riot. These kids are the proof that Halloween would turn to madness. The kids are given tofu ghost marshmallows, healthy cupcakes, veggie fruit chews, healthy pops and artichoke butter cups.

According to these adorable kids, the artichoke butter cups make them throw up and the healthy cupcakes taste like "poopy pinata". I wouldn't try any of these healthy ideas and just stuff my face with Reese's peanut butter cups. This video should scare all those cruel people who are planning on giving out apples or floss this year. You will be haunted by not giving out candy or you will get your house egged. Just don't take away our Halloween candy!