A 32-year-old man from the city of Chihuahua in Chihuahua, Mexico was stabbed in the head with a pair of scissors by a fellow bar patron who he apparently rubbed the wrong way.

Jones Acevedo Monroy, nicknamed "The Gentleman" because of his polite, laid-back manner, was enjoying himself at a bar in Chihuahua this past weekend, being the social butterfly all the regulars know and love. For reasons not yet known, that upset Miguel Armendariz, who, according to a friend of Monroy, became “abusive and aggressive” towards Monroy before pulling out a pair of scissors and burying them in Monroy’s face. [PHOTO] [PHOTO]

This is how laid-back this Monroy guy is; when his friend got him to a hospital with the scissors still sticking out of his head, the Gentleman shook the receptionist's hand and told her he "seemed to have a small problem," and "would she mind helping him." Then he fainted. Doctors performed emergency surgery, and amazingly, he’s going to be fine. El Diario de Chihuahua reports Armendariz was arrested on Monday.