Yesterday was the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our Independence from Britain, but there is a local milestone that was also celebrated yesterday.  Chico's Tacos celebrated its 60th anniversary!


The genius behind the iconic Chico's Tacos rolled tacos in the tomato soup like-sauce in a paper boat, was Jose Mora.

Mora was a local boxing promoter, and he chose the Fourth of July in 1953 to open his first retaurant.

In the 60 years since Chico’s first opened it’s doors, they have grown to five locations around town, been featured on The Food Network, and been shipped all over the world for people who have to have their Chico’s fix.

They haven’t been without controversy, however, but nothing seems to shake El Pasoan’s love affair with Chico’s Tacos.

Happy Birthday, Chico’s Tacos, and our hats are off to Jose Mora, the man who conquered the world, one rolled taco at a time!