Three years ago, the city erupted in controversy when a group of gay men were kicked out of Chico's Tacos for, and here's where things get murky, either kissing and causing a scene, or kissing and not offending anyone.  Three years later, one of the men has settled his part of the case.

According to our news partners at ABC7, Carlos Diaz de Leon, the City of El Paso, and the private security firm that patrolled Chico's, have all come to terms in the case.

There were lots of blogs written about the incident, and lots of ugliness spouted by both sides after the incident, but has anything really changed?  Would two guys kissing or giving each other a peck on the mouth still cause the kind of controversy that the so-called 'Chico's Kiss' did?  What would you say if you were in a business that wasn't a nightclub, and you saw two guys kissing?  Would your reaction be any different if it was two girls?  How about a heterosexual couple?

Just asking....