Kanye West caused a lot talk when he took the stage after Beck won the Grammy for Best Album Of The Year Sunday night. Everyone expected him to do a repeat performance of the Taylor Swift 'Imma let you finish' nonsense he pulled at the 2009 VMA Awards when Taylor beat out Beyoncé for Best Video Of The Year. Instead, he just made the moment about his stupidity and lack of class, instead of letting another artist rightfully have his moment in the spotlight.

Kanye was a jerk then, and he was a jerk on Sunday night. I happen to love Beyoncé's music, but Kanye needs to get a tighter grip on his horses and stop telling people that their artistic endeavors aren't as good or important as that of his best friend's wife.

If someone pulled a Kanye at a high school graduation and jumped on stage to say that the valedictorian wasn't worthy of the title, we would call him a bully and he would be pulled off stage. Someone needs to stand up to Kanye and tell him that the votes were counted, and his girl didn't win. Twice.