The El Paso Independent School District doesn’t stop educating children when the school year ends. They have summer learning programs to help students maintain knowledge and skills that they might lose if they just hang out and play video games all summer.

This year the district has a lot of ‘camp’ style programs for elementary and middle schools. The district has teamed up with El Paso Museum of Art, UTEP, El Paso Zoo and the Texas State Parks to offer activities and camps that include Summer Reading Challenges, Space and STEM focused curriculums and Reading, Music and Writing.
Summer programs begin on June 13 and end July 29. The programs will run Monday-Friday and times will vary by program. There will be no programs offered between July 4-8. Participants will get free breakfast and lunch at all summer school sites.

Pre-Kinder/Pre-First summer school
Offered to students eligible for admission to kindergarten or first grade in the 2016-17 school year and are approved for bilingual program placement.
Sites: Bond, Cooley, Bonham, Moye, Polk, Moreno
June 13-July 29

5th and 8th grade SSI
Review and practice in preparation for the administration of the SSI.
5th grade sites: Beall, Bond, Cooley, Alta Vista, Green, Bonham, Moye, Polk, Nixon, Rusk, Moreno, Lee, Schuster,Tippin
8th grade sites: Morehead, Armendariz, Henderson, MacArthur, Magoffin, Richardson
June 13-24

Special Education Extended School Year (ESY)
ESY for special needs students in grades 1-12 based on their ARD/IEP.
Sites: Cooley, Moye, Tippin, Morehead, MacArthur, Magoffin
June 13-29

DREAMS program
The program is designed to engage 5th grade students in learning experiences that will create curiosity and aspirations leading to enrollment in advances STEM courses as they transition to middle school.
Site: Silva Health Magnet
June session: June 13-30
July session: July 11-28

Digital Film Academy
Students will learn and participate in all aspects of digital movie making and will have the opportunity to showcase their films at the District Film Festival.
Sites: Andress, Burges and Coronado
Session 1: June 13-24
Session 2: July 18-30