You know how we all have a semi-constant internal monologue with ourselves? Okay, well this guy needs to learn the meaning of “internal.”

Anthony Aranda of Lyons, Ill., was pulled over for drunk driving, and subsequently cuffed and stuffed into the back of the police car while the arresting officer checked on his passenger, Imelda Marines.

That’s when Anthony began talking to himself -- out loud -- about how he had to get home to get rid of all his drugs and weapons. What he didn't realize was that the video camera in the police cruiser was recording everything, so later, when the cops back at the station were reviewing the tape, they heard his confession. That led to a search warrant, which led to the discovery of his stash of cocaine and marijuana, and a sawed-off shotgun in his house.

Meanwhile, his passenger Imelda had outstanding warrants, so she too was arrested and put in the back of the car with Anthony.

Imelda also didn't realize there was a video camera in the police cruiser recording everything, including her whispering to Anthony that she had stashed some meth all up in her naughty place. That confession was caught on tape as well.