Lionel Forti pool at 1225 Giles Road in central El Paso will be closed this summer because of structural defects. The outdoor pool has been a fixture in that area of town for 56 years, but the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department says an engineering firm has determined the concrete roof foundation is unsafe and that even with resurfacing, it would still not meet the necessary safety requirements.

The Lionel Forti pool is scheduled for remodeling as part of the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds. It will be closed until it can be updated with amenities the City says will "transform the pool into a state of the art outdoor aquatics complex."

There are other pools that the public can use while the Lionel Forti pool is being worked on. A complete listing can be found at the Parks and Rec Department website. It's not known when the Lionel Forti pool will reopen.