Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Eddie Cahill
Age: 34
Occupation: Actor
Known For: Playing “Miracle on Ice” goalie Jim Craig in the movie ‘Miracle,’ playing Rachel’s assistant Tag on ‘Friends,’ and his current starring role as Detective Don Flack on ‘CSI: NY’

Age: 31
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter and Producer
Known For: Co-founding the Bad Boy Latino label with Sean “Diddy” Combs, collaborations with other artists like Lil Jon and T-Pain, and hit singles including ‘I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)’ and ‘Give Me Everything’

Andrea Martin
Age: 65
Occupation: Actress and Comedienne
Known For: Films like ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ stage productions such as ‘My Favorite Year,’ ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Candide,’ and television shows like ‘SCTV’

Age: 61
Occupation: Actress, Comedienne and Musician
Known For: Her flamboyant stage presence, her provocative outfits, being a surprisingly talented flamenco guitarist, and her trademark phrase, “coochi-coochi”

Chad Lowe
Age: 44
Occupation: Actor
Known For: Winning an Emmy for his work in ‘Life Goes On,’ appearing on other shows like ‘ER, Melrose Place,’ ‘Now and Again’ and ’24,’ being Rob Lowe’s little brother, and his former marriage to actress Hilary Swank