CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (3/7/11):  Laura Prepon - 31  Donna, the HAWT redheaded on "That '70s Show".  Towards the end of its run she went blonde. Still HAWT, but I much prefer Redheads!!! RedHeads RAWK!!!

She'll play "Chelsea Hanson"  in an upcoming TV movie based loosely on Chelsea Handler's life and her  book "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea."  Chelsea Handler is in the movie too, but she' not playing herself. Laura is. Or did I not make that clear???

--Jenna Fischer - 37   Pam on "The Office" and Owen Wilson's wife in "Hall Pass".

-- Bryan Cranston - 55   The dad on "Malcolm In the Middle", and the high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth dealer in the critically acclaimed TV series "Breaking Bad". He plays a detective in the new Matthew McConaughey movie, "The Lincoln Lawyer" ...

--RACHEL WEISZ - 41   Her last name is pronounced "VICE". She's the sexy chick in "The Mummy" AND the "The Mummy Returns".  But not the third Mummy movie. She thought the script sucked. It did.

--Wanda Sykes - 47  Comedienne/actress.  She was Julia Louis-Dreyfus' BFF on "The New Adventures of Old Christine"

--Taylor Dayne - 49  80's songstress. Who here loves the 80's??? I DO!!! Biggest hits: "Tell It to My Heart" and "Love Will Lead You Back".