CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (3/16/11): Lauren Graham - 44  The mom on "Gilmore Girls". She's now on "Parenthood" ...

FLAVOR FLAV - 52  "Yeah, boy!" "Flavor Flav!". The guy with the huge clock around his neck best known for the reality shows "Surreal Life", "Flavor of Love", "Flavor of Love 2" AND "Flavor of Love 3". Back in the day, though, he was in the hard core rap group Public Enemy. Not so thug now.

ERIK ESTRADA - 62  'Ponch' on "CHiPs"

Jerry Lewis - 85  Back in the day he was considered a Comic Genius  best-known for his slapstick humor and half of the famed comedy team of Martin and Lewis. Kids today, though, mostly know him as the MDA Telethon guy.

The French LOVE him. He's a GOD in France!