CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (2/3/11): --Isla Fisher - 35  She's the HOT psycho broad in "Wedding Crashers"!  BORAT, a.k.a. Sacha Baron Cohen, gets to get with her in real life.  They got married last year and have two daughters together.

--Sean Kingston - 21  Candy coated pop rapper.  He was born in Florida but spent his childhood in Jamaica, which is why many of his songs have a Reggae influence.

--MAURA TIERNEY - 46  She was the sexy 'Abby' on "ER" for years. She had the lead role in the legal drama "The Whole Truth" last year, marking her return to television after recovering from breast surgery and cancer treatments.

But those heartless bastards at ABC canceled the show after just four episodes because ... well, you weren't watching it.

--Nathan Lane - 55   He's best known for his role as Albert in The Birdcage. And did you know he was the voice of  Timon in The Lion King? Well, you do now!