CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (2/24/11):  Debra Jo Rupp - 60   Kitty Forman, the mom on "That 70s Show". Currently on "Better With You" with the chick who played the hot daughter on "Reba".

--Edward James Olmos - 64   The first American-born Latino ever to get an Academy Award nomination!!! (For "Stand and Deliver". He lost to Dustin Hoffman for "Rain Man".)  He played Selena's father in the movie about her, and was on the "Battlestar Galactica" series for about 5 years.

--Billy Zane - 45  He's best remembered as the jerky fiance in "Titanic".  He shaves his head and is actually BALD  so he had to wear a wig for his role in "Titanic"

--RUPERT HOLMES! - 64  ♫"If you like bean enchiladas" ♫ ... What? Pina Coladas? Ohhhhh. Never mind.