Such disturbing news out of Boston this afternoon as the Nation learned about the two explosions near the finish line of the race. Some celebrities took to Twitter to express thier sympathies...

Alicia Keys tweeted:

Shaken… My thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston and those affected by this tragedy. #BostonMarathon

Ann Curry tweeted:

NBC News: Several officials say it appears two *improvised bombs* went off near the finished line. #BostonMarathon

Kim Kardashian tweeted:

My heart is breaking for everyone effected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon. God bless you all! My prayers are with you! #BostonMarathon

DeMarco Murray tweeted

Praying for those involved in the Boston marathon...

Kelly Ripa tweeted


Ellen DeGeneres tweeted

Let's all send our thoughts, our prayers and our energy to the people injured in Boston. My heart is with you.

Erin Andrews tweeted

Boston is home and family to me...sending prayers that way...

So many more I could's so sad.

All we can do is continue to #prayforboston