Beyonce, Jane Lynch and Condoleeza Rice are a few of the celebrities attempting to ban calling women bossy with this new public service announcement. Do you think this is a major problem?

LeanIn.Org and Girl Scouts of America have joined together to launch Ban Bossy, a PSA that wants to help young girls and women strive for leadership roles. They have found at a young age, girls are discouraged to be leaders due to being called bossy. This causes young girls to believe leading isn't a positive thing, due to the negative nagging that comes with the insult. hopes this campaign will make a simply change that will make a huge impact on young girls. If you want to help the campaign and pledge to Ban Bossy, you can here! I hope this does help some young girls strive to be leaders but they are also going to have to stop young girls from being mean girls and calling each other sluts. I am guilty of it so what do you think needs to be done to encourage girls?