The El Paso Museum of Archaeology will be celebrating Texas Archaeology Month with hands-on activities, free museum tours at the Downtown Art & Farmer’s Market.

On Saturday, Oct. 3, and Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology will bring educational activities to visitors at the Downtown Art & Farmer’s Market.

Saturday, Oct. 3 - Stratigraphy Jars:

This activity will introduce young participants to methods including sediment dating of elements, while teaching them about the various archaeological period classifications. Participants will be given a small jar and lid and will be challenged to learn as much as they can about each time period. Participants will then fill their small jar with colorful sand that has been dyed to correspond with a particular time period and type of artifact. Upon completion of this activity, the participants will be able to keep their jar, not only as a way to remember their lesson, but to remind them of the archaeological presence in El Paso.

Saturday, Oct. 17 - Table-Top Excavation:

This fun activity will allow participants to excavate pieces of faux artifacts, identify its matching parts, and glue them together. Upon finding the matching pieces, participants will then glue them together and keep the completed pot as a souvenir.

Every Saturday in October – Free Museum Tours:

El Pasoans are invited to the El Paso Museum of Archaeology for free. Knowledgeable guides will lead any interested visitors on a 45-minute guided tour. The museum is located at 4301 Transmountain Road in Northeast El Paso.