Ever since the first mega superhero movie ‘Spiderman’ starring Tobey Maguire back in 2002, the fascination with comic superheros has gone galactic!

Every summer we get a new superhero movie we salivate over and it becomes the favorite of all until a new character steps in and the cycle repeats.

And this summer is no exception! Coming off the heels of a very strong opening for “The Avengers”, "The Amazing Spiderman" promises to be just as exciting and awesome!

So for those of you that slept thru the midnight opening of “The Amazing Spiderman”, I invite you to join me today at Premiere Cinemas 18 inside Bassett Place as they celebrate the Grand Opening of The Amazing Spiderman Movie!

We’ll have tons of giveaways from Spiderman T-shirts to a Spiderman bike from Toys R Us, to Spider-man himself being there LIVE to take pictures, face painting, movie passes and so much more!

So hit us up Today only at Bassett Place at Premiere Cinemas 18 beginning at 5pm – See you there!

And check out this sweet trailer for The Amazing Spiderman!