Today is Britney Spears 33rd birthday. To honor this pop icon, I have my list of the top 5 Britney videos. See if you agree!

Getty Images/ Scott Gries

From her days back on the Mickey Mouse Club, to now headlining her own show in Las Vegas, Britney Spears has been in show business her entire life. She's been my favorite pop artists since the first time I saw her on TRL in her infamous "...Baby One More Time" video. Here are my favorite videos. Which videos do you think are her best? Comment below!

Number 5: Circus

This video was the followup to Britney's first single "Womanizer" off her album of the same name. Womanizer had Britney dressing up and the typical Britney dancing, but Circus brought out her sexy side. From dressing up as a ringmaster, to the freakshow aspects of the video, the video brought out Britney's darker side, that we don't get to see as often. Plus, you can't help but get excited seeing Britney slowing putting on a top hat. You know you're about to be entertained!

Number 4: Toxic

This video is Britney at her best! Her outfits are over the top and full of color, and her dances move are on point. Not to mention the sexy male models she gets to snuggle up against. Her  diamond encrusted body is one of her most famous looks from her videos, right behind a couple other higher videos on this list. My favorite part of this video is the laser sequence, where she dances her way out of them.

Number 3: Work Bitch

This video signified to me that Britney's back! The choreography is immaculate, whether it's in a pool or a desert, and she looks fantastic in this video. There are bright colors, and even Britney singing in the middle of a shark infested pool. The song itself is catchy and I loved it the first time I heard it.

Number 2: ...Baby One More Time

This video is the first that introduced us to this diva. Her schoolgirl outfit is copied to this day and I still enjoy watching this video when it comes on in 90's countdowns and in bars. I can't help but start doing the dance when the chorus starts. Which I still know to this day.

Number 1: I'm A Slave For You

This video is Britney's sexiest video she has done. WHen this video came out, Britney did a episode of MTV's Making The Video, where they explained how they came up with the concept and how they made the video. I remember Britney wouldn't allow the cameras to be inside of the orgy scene, because she didn't feel comfortable with the part. She had never done something that sexual before. The outfits were skimpier, her body was dripping in baby oil, and all her dances got to touch her. By far the best, Britney video of all time.